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Products & Service

In addition to finding the right products and services for our projects in Asia. We also represent Chinese manufacturers and bring their products into the US market.

Aluminum-Alloy Centralizer
Aluminum Alloy Centralizer.png
Drill Pipe Centralizer
Drill Pipe Centralizer.png
Non-welded Bow Spring Centralizer
Non-welded Bow Spring Centralizer.png
Rigid Centralizer
Rigid Centralizer.png
Roller Centralizer
Roller Centralizer.png
Stop Collar
(Hinged with Bolt)
Stop Collar (Hinged with Bolt).png
Turbolizer Centralizer
Welded Bow Spring Centralizer.png
Composite Centralizer
Composite Centralizer.png
Internal Centralizer
Internal Centralizer.png
Non-welded Semi Rigid Centralizer
Non-welded Semi Rigid Centralizer.png
Rigid Positive Centralizer
Rigid Positive Centralizer.png
Spiral Stamped Centralizer
Spiral Stamped Centralizer.png
Stop Collar
(Slip on with Set Screws)
Stop Collar (Slip on with Set Screws).png
Welded Bow Spring Centralizer
Welded Bow Spring Centralizer.png
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