Casing Centralizer

In addition to finding the right products and services for our projects in Asia. We also represent Chinese manufacturers and bring their products into the US market.

We currently represent Cenfirm Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. ("Cenfirm") as its exclusive distributor for centralizers for the US region. Below is a list of casing centralizers that Cenfirm provides.

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Aluminum-Alloy Centralizer.png

Aluminum-Alloy Centralizer

These centralizers are made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant cast aluminum. They can be used with corrosion-resistant alloy casting strings to avoid the effects of galvanic corrosion. Their spiral blades increase annular turbulence to improve wellbore cleanout. It is developed especially for horizontal and extended reach wells with a lower coefficient of friction over steel centralizers.

Composite Centralizer.png

Composite Centralizer

Composite centralizer is made of advanced composite that has a low coefficient of friction and highly durable. It is developed especially for horizontal and extended reach wells with up to 50 percent lower coefficient of friction over steel centralizers. With its smooth, durable, tapered construction, the centralizer can easily pass obstructions in the wellbore. It enables casing strings to reach total depth efficiently while providing good standoff for optimal mud displacement and greatly enhancing cementing operations.

Drill Pipe Centralizer.png

Drill Pipe Centralizer

These specially designed centralizers are critical components in inner-string cementing applications. They enable the stinger to run on the end of the drill pipe to properly stab or screw into the float collar receptacle for cementing operations.

Internal Centralizer 1.png

Internal Centralizer

This one-piece centralizer has ultra-high strength without any weak point. The centralizer provides high restoring forces while keeping starting and running forces at or near zero. This minimizes drags during casing running and maximizes standoff during cementing operations. They can be used in horizontal and deviated holes, slim and irregular holes, and oil reservoir.

Non-welded Bow Spring Centralizer 1.png

Non-welded Bow Spring Centralizer

Non-welded bow-spring centralizers centralize casing or tubing in the wellbore during running and cementing operations. The high-quality, spring steel bows are attached to hinged end collars with locking tabs. The elasticity of the centralizer gives it a capability to be run through tight spots. Non-welded bow spring centralizers are available in several bow heights and sizes to ensure optimum restoring force and provide in a variety of bow configurations for special applications such as tubing or casing, vertical and deviated wells, wells where rotation capabilities are not required and cased and open holes.

Non-welded Semi Rigid Centralizer 1.png

Non-welded Semi Rigid Centralizer

Non-welded semi-rigid centralizers are specifically designed to increase restoring forces and reduce drag during running and cementing operations compared to conventional bow spring centralizers. This kind of centralizer uses the design of double-crested bows which provides better standoff for more effective mud removal enhancing the primary cement job and zonal isolation.

Rigid Centralizer 1.png

Rigid Centralizer

Rigid centralizers provide a wide range of options for casing centralization, from standard vertical well configurations to highly deviated and horizontal wells. Their high-quality construction provides great strength and downhole integrity.

Rigid Positive Centralizer 3.png

Rigid Positive Centralizer

Rigid bow centralizer is used for both casing and tubing applications that require concentric casing strings. In deviated cased holes, the centralizer significantly reduces frictional drag and can provide nearly 100 percent standoff. Rib design allows for optimized fluid flow in the annulus, which contributes to a high-quality primary cement job.

Roller Centralizer 1.png

Roller Centralizer

These centralizers are designed in a rigid body with straight or spiral blades. Rollers provide low drag to get casing, liners, or screens to bottom successfully with reduced rig time and costs. The minimal roller-contact area in open hole applications reduces the risk of differential sticking and provides optimal standoff for increased operational efficiency. These centralizers can be used in deviated and horizontal wells.

Spiral Stamped Centralizer 1.png

Spiral Stamped Centralizer

Spiral stamped centralizer enables optimal mud displacement for vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells. Special rounded blades reduce casing-sliding friction compare with the square blades and are suitable for reciprocation and rotation during cementing.

Stop Collar (Hinged with Bolt).png

Stop Collar (Hinged with Bolt)

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Stop Collar (Slip on with Set Screws).pn

Stop Collar (Slip on with Set Screws)

The stop collars need to be installed with set screws. They are designed for the use where higher holding forces are required. Stainless steel set screws or double-row setscrews are available for applications where more holding force is required or requested.

Turbolizer Centralizer.png

Turbolizer Centralizer

Turbolizer centralizers are designed with deflector blades. The special blades are riveted to heat-treated bows and are designed to deflect fluid flow in a turbulent spiral. This effect helps break up drilling mud when running casing and improves mud removal during circulation. It provides additional fluid agitation for cementing benefits in critical zones.

Welded Bow Spring Centralizer 1.png

Welded Bow Spring Centralizer

Welded bow-spring centralizers provide excellent downhole durability and performance. These centralizers feature heat-treated, spring-steel bows that are welded to rigid end collars. These centralizers can be applied to cased and open holes, vertical or slightly deviated wells even under reamed and washed-out wells.